Menkar Online

Menkar Online is a free multiplayer online game where you can experience exciting space battles against other players (PvP battles).

The game provides different classes of space ships, from small and maneuver fighters to giant battleships equipped with enormous amount of weapons and technologies. This typology equally provides each space ship with powerful advantages allowing to develop your personal battle techniques and style, significantly advancing your chances in bringing your team to victory.

Patreon Compain Launched

SoftalexGames launched its first fundraising campaign on Patreon:

Your generous contributions and support can help the game to stay free and will lead to its further successful development, including:

  • constant renewal of the game content: development of new equipment and ships, balance and modernization of existing resources;
  • broadening of the game functions: new modes of space battles, integration of clan systems, creating new space environments and new galaxies colonization;
  • support of new platforms.

We welcome your support of the Menkar Online development on Patreon:

Menkar Online: Public Alpha Test Launched

Public Alpha Test for Menkar Online has started on August 24th, 2015 at 9:00am UTC!

Alpha Test is hosted by Kongregate. We welcome you to participate in the game test by following this link:
Keep in mind that you are required to have Kongregate account to play Menkar Online.

Menkar Online: Game Launched

Menkar Online launched on August 13th, 2015 at 11:00am UTC!

This is very exacting moment for all of us. Long waited game is now online and is waiting for your engaging interaction within it!
Now Menkar Online is passing last closed tests and will be open for public in a few days.

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