Menkar Online

Menkar Online is a free multiplayer online game where you can experience exciting space battles against other players (PvP battles).

The game provides different classes of space ships, from small and maneuver fighters to giant battleships equipped with enormous amount of weapons and technologies. This typology equally provides each space ship with powerful advantages allowing to develop your personal battle techniques and style, significantly advancing your chances in bringing your team to victory.

A player can choose among a wide range of space technologies targeting all important elements of space ships construction, from engines to weapon equipment helping to make a unique ship configuration. Apart from ship equipment, bomb bays can upload a great range of various consumables. You can choose among drones, gun platforms, force field and many other things making your space ship configuration correspond to your personal style of play and strategic decisional nuances.

The team-player components of the game provide exciting opportunities to create powerful alliances and space squadrons with other players to fight against your enemies. With every PvP battle you will be able to develop your personal tactics and fighting skills. For successful attacks you will need to effectively coordinate your group firepower with other team players, while helping each other to restore your force fields under the fire of your enemy opponents. For this you will need to determine your strategies for effective use of your consumables, flanks protection, and for equipment operation in extreme modes, in case of emergency. These strategies will empower you to create your preferred style of play and demonstrate to others powerful advantages of your unique space shipyard configuration.

Good luck in battles, demonstrate your excellence!
And we look forward to your success!